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It is interesting the number of Clients we talk with that are increasing their market presence, exploring omni marketing and opening multiple on-line web-shops. We see it as common practice to create a web-shop quickly and upload all your organisations products, services and inbound marketing material.

Unfortunately, we also see organisations creating an administration nightmare for themselves. As their front-end web-shops are disconnected from their back-end product distribution and invoicing systems. Hence, all the extra profit, if not more, is consumed with extra processing costs. Organisations are also running the risk of lowering customer satisfaction and being unable to scale-up to meet the increased demand.

There are smarter approaches to deal with this today, both by automating and correcting the front-end -> back-end disconnect and enabling organisations to scale without overwhelming staff. Or spending all the profits on administration. At erp365 we are specialists in two such platforms that can help, Scaptify and Dynamics e-Shop.

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