Dynamics NAV Addons a Vertical Leap Company

Addons and integrations to common problems

A collection of Addons and integrations that have been standardised and packaged to cover the most common solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Dimension Management
  • Easy Email and Fax
  • Excel Journals
  • Improve AR Collections
  • Shipping Automation

Supports versions Business Central, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2009 and older

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Correcting Dimensions
How to e-mail PDF's
Import Excel Journals i
AR Collections Management
Shipping Automation
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Easy PDF Email & Fax

Create and send customized Emails, PDFs and Faxes automatically from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Use this real-time integration tool for documents such as invoices, remittance advices, and customer statements; send any document and any report—either automatically or by batch.


Dimension Manager

Add, modify, or delete any dimension on any posted document or transaction in your Dynamics NAV system - with audit trail, security, and undo.

Fix incorrectly posted dimensions and set up new shortcut and global dimensions, complete with instant history


Excel Journal Import

Automatically import your Excel worksheet into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This seamless integration is great for payroll, fixed assets, and more.



AR & Collections Manager

Instantly increase cash-flow with this complete collections management solution.

Accounts Receivable and Collections Management system for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Increase cash flow and reduce write-offs with this powerful, complete system


Easy Ship

Enterprise packing and shipping solution that works directly with parcel, freight, 3PL, and consolidators.