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Shop Floor Insight is a Manufacturing Execution System add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that significantly reduces the labor costs and entry errors associated with manual data entry. Shop Floor Insight allows employees to use barcode scanners or touch screens to speed up shop data input for time, material, quality, and more.
  • Eliminate manual time entry with barcode scanning for Production Orders, Jobs, Service Orders, and Fixed Assets
  • Capture operational data on the shop floor including consumption, output, scrap, and quality
  • Record and report on non-productive and rework time for better insight into lost productivity
  • Record time and attendance based on employee shifts with exception reporting
  • Easily approve time with exception-based supervisor approvals
  • Automatically calculate overtime and shift differentials for integration with payroll systems

Professional Production Management

Shop Floor Insight utilises barcodes or touch screens to simplify data capture on the shop floor and reduce the errors associated with manual time entry.
Streamline shop floor data capture
Enhance data capture and management using Shop Floor Insight’s intuitive user interface. Employees can quickly record time against production orders, non-productive activities, and maintenance using shared or individual shop terminals or devices.

Significantly reduce rework
Rework is a major issue for many manufacturers. Identifying and capturing rework time can often be extremely tedious and difficult with manual systems. Shop Floor Insight makes it simple to capture rework on the shop floor and to analyse the root causes to help reduce costs and improve productivity.

Real-time Reporting
Real-time reporting enables users to analyse job progression and costing; providing immediate feedback to supervisors and planners while maintaining a detailed production history. Shop Floor Insight data is easily accessible through Power BI and other tools for detailed reporting.
Reduce labor costs and data entry errors
Automate the time collection process to significantly reduce the labor costs and data entry errors associated with manual entry. Users enter time and attendance information directly into NAV, with simple supervisor approvals. Built-in validation and configurable payroll rules eliminate manual payroll data management. Shop Floor Insight’s intuitive shop floor interface reduces training time and minimises change for the end users, helping to ensure a successful and cost effective rollout.

Customisable and configurable
Customisable rules further reduce the time and effort required to calculate overtime and other variables. Configurable work types, payroll codes, project types, and shift patterns adapt to all potential workforce configurations.

Clear communication
In the event of time card issues, collaboration tools allow the payroll department to efficiently communicate directly to responsible personnel. Resolving time card issues at the source helps to minimise the time required for resolving discrepancies after payroll has been run.

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Shop Floor Data Collection

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