The Simple Way To Print From

Business Central Cloud

You need to be able to print multiple reports and documents to different printers without having to print each one individually or print to PDF. The Insight Works PrintNode Connector is a free add-on that allows you to make use of the free or paid service to automatically print reports to a specified printer.
You can print from the Business Central web client, the phone or tablet apps, or any other connected device to any local or network printer. Setup is extremely simple and no programming is required to use the integration. Simply enter your PrintNode API key once during setup, and then use the standard Business Central Printer Administration page to set the printer you’d like to use for each report, or just select the printer each time you print.
  • Makes printing seamless – no more downloading PDFs to print
  • Simple single-field setup
  • Uses standard Business Central printer management capabilities and supports RAW printing
  • Works with all standard and custom reports and pages, including barcode labels
  • Supports Essentials and Premium licensing
Note: The Insight Works PrintNode connector is free, but there may be a fee required to use the PrintNode service. You will need to create an account at and select the appropriate subscription type, either free or paid. PrintNode is a third-party service not affiliated with Insight Works.

Printing from Business Central

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