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Data Warehouse Automation by BI4Dynamics


  the "best" BI tool for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

  the "best" BI tool for Microsoft Dynamics ERP




BI4Dynamics is a "risk-free" Data Warehouse Automation Business Intelligence solution.

Built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV).

BI4Dynamics provides reliable Business Intelligence solutions to more than 1000 customers.

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Unbeatable BI Content with Unseen Flexibility

  • Solid core for complex data
  • Powerful analysis
  • Corporate Data Warehouse
  • Flexible Data Warehouse

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BI4Dynamics NAV Modules

Click on pictures below to open up interactive real-life examples of Power BI reports on the BI4Dynamics site. (NB. You will open a Bi4Dynamics webpage and it will take 10 seconds to load).

Sales cube comes with 299 measures organised into five measure groups :- Sales Values, Sales Order History, Sales Budgets, Sales Delivery and Sales Quantities.

Measure groups are sharing 38 dimensions with 476 attributes in 71 hierarchies.

Receivables are the most standardised business area, and the cube comes with 40 measures organised into two measure groups - Receivable Analysis and Customer Analysis.

Measure groups are sharing 18 dimensions with 227 attributes in 34 hierarchies.

Finance cube comes with 31 measures organised into three measure groups - General Ledger, General Ledger Budget and Account Schedules.

Measure groups are sharing 28 dimensions with 215 attributes in 33 hierarchies.

Inventory cube comes with 64 measures organised into three measure groups - Inventory Value, Inventory State and Inventory Aging.

Measure groups are sharing 21 dimensions with 174 attributes in 16 hierarchies.

Purchase cube comes with 122 measures organised into four measure groups - Purchase Values, Purchase Order History, Purchase Delivery and Purchase Budgets.

Measure groups are sharing 35 dimensions with 429 attributes in 65 hierarchies.

Payables cube comes with 40 measures organised into two measure groups - Payables State and Vendor Analysis.

Measure groups are sharing 18 dimensions with 225 attributes in 32 hierarchies.

Manufacturing cube comes with 36 measures organised into three measure groups - Manufacturing, Manufacturing Expected and Capacity Calendar.

Measure groups are sharing 19 dimensions with 166 attributes in 21 hierarchies.

Analysing Jobs requires flexibility on details. Job cube comes with 119 measures organised in three measure groups - Job Actual, Job Planning and Resource Capacity

Measure groups are sharing 20 dimensions with 199 attributes in 33 hierarchies.

Retail cube comes with 175 measures organised into seven measure groups - Retail Payments, Retail POS Batch, Retail Sales Transactions, Retail Store Information, Retail Transaction Table, Retail Voided Payments and Retail Voided Sales Transactions.

Measure groups are sharing 32 dimensions with 212 attributes in 38 hierarchies.